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Cookie Policy

Information provided, pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016, hereinafter referred to as "GDPR", Articles 13 and 122 of the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree 196/03) and the General Provision of the Guarantor of 8 May 2014 on cookies, to users connecting to the website "", hereinafter referred to as "ebmarmi".

What are Cookies

Cookies are simple pieces of information that are transferred from the website and saved on the hard disk of the user's computer and are small text files that allow websites to store certain data in order to make them accessible to the user at a later time.

Based on origin, cookies are divided into two categories:

  • proprietary cookies, which are created, deleted and modified directly by the website visited.
  • third-party cookies, which are created by other sites that own the content, such as ads, images, social buttons or other services, displayed on the web page of the site you are visiting.

Based on their duration, cookies can be classified as follows

  • temporary cookies (e.g. session cookies) that are automatically deleted when you close your browser.
  • permanent cookies that remain available until they are explicitly deleted by the user or until their natural expiry date, set by the site itself.

Most sites use cookies because they are among the technical tools in common use on the web that can improve navigation and the user experience while also allowing personalised services to be offered (e.g. avoiding having to ask for login credentials each time, remembering the last application used, keeping products in the shopping cart, showing content that is important to the user, remembering that a message has already been viewed, etc.).

These are also known as "technical cookies" and do not fall within the scope of the data processing governed by the GDPR as they do not contain any personal data or any information associated with personal data or other information that allows the user to be identified, and their use is strictly functional to the provision of services by the site.

Advertising companies may also use technical cookies, e.g. to limit the number of times a particular advertisement is displayed, or to establish the frequency with which advertisements are displayed (banner rotation).

In any case, cookies can only be read or modified by the site that created them and cannot be used to access any other user data via the browser, nor can they transmit computer viruses, as they are not software programmes, but simple text information that cannot in any way harm the computer.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but users can deactivate cookies directly from their browser.

It is good to know, however, that depending on the level of quality of the services offered by the site, deactivating cookies may mean that the user may not be able to use all or some of the online functions and in some cases may be unable to access the site itself.

Cookies on our site

Like most websites, our site uses cookies to improve the user experience, to make our applications easier to use and to provide enhanced features that would not be possible without the use of cookies.

Our site uses proprietary cookies and third party cookies.

With regard to proprietary cookies we only use both temporary and permanent "technical cookies".

Temporary technical cookies

Temporary cookies include the PHPSESSID cookie which allows work sessions to run that end when the browser is closed.

Sessions are indispensable for authenticating registered users to the site or for using those applications that require data to be entered in several steps, such as forensic parameters, expense reports or electronic invoices.

Sessions are also useful in order not to lose the data entered in the applications in the event that the user changes pages or in the integration between the applications themselves (e.g. the editor of the writ integrated with the notification report, which are two separate applications).

Permanent technical cookies

Our site also manages several permanent cookies with various expiry dates depending on their functionality. Below are the main functionalities of our site that use technical cookies:

  • save the user's preferences in certain applications, such as the choice of the flat rate regime in invoicing.
  • determine whether a user is visiting the site for the first time and the date of the last visit (this cookie is based on an anonymous numerical identifier from which the IP address cannot be traced).
  • ensure automatic access to the site by registered users via the 'remember' function.
  • display not more than once messages and notices about new services, new publications or other.
  • prevent repeated ratings of applications and articles to guarantee the veracity of the data.
  • store browser type (desktop, tablet or smartphone).
  • remember which sidebar menus have been opened or closed.
  • remember the user's cookie preference according to this policy.
  • identify the presence of adblocke in the browser to display the relevant policy.
  • other minor uses that we omit for brevity.

Third Party Cookies

The site allows the transmission of third-party cookies (social media, advertising agencies and statistical monitoring), in this case limited to simply sending the cookies to the user's terminal, without managing their operation and content, which therefore remain the sole responsibility of the third parties.

Our site only uses the 'native' cookies of the various browsers (text-type information) and does not use so-called 'Flash Cookies' (a different type of cross-browser cookie), but some third-party sites may use this technology which requires the Adobe-Flash plugin to be present in the browser.

Social Media

With regard to social media we use the sharing services Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin via the Addthis platform.


We use Google Analytics, hereinafter referred to as 'GA', to monitor site access and navigation statistics.

The GA tracking code makes use of technical cookies to allow us to analyse, in an anonymous and aggregate form, user traffic on our site (most visited pages, new users, returning users, browser and device types, page loading and viewing speed, etc.).

In addition to the 'standard' information, our site sends to the GA platform, again anonymously and without personal data, certain specific dimensions of analysis that help us better understand the behaviour of our users in order to improve the service we offer in relation to:

  • Analysis of the traffic of registered users.
  • Enabling cookies according to this policy.
  • Use of adblock software (installation and uninstallation).


The following independent advertising companies are used to place advertisements on this site: Google Adsense and Yieldlove.

For the management of some advertising space on our site, including direct advertisers, we use the Google Ad Manager product.

The independent advertising companies that we use to show ads make use of technical cookies to manage various parameters relating to the display of ads (frequency, rotation, etc.) and may make use of profiling cookies to show the user personalised ads.

Information on the use of such cookies is provided by each company, as required by the Privacy Guarantor, and there is usually a button on each individual ad where you can view the company's individual cookie policy.

Personalised Ads

Personalised advertisements, or interest-based ads, are ads selected on the basis of user preferences collected by companies in compliance with privacy legislation, and are not based on personal data that can identify you.

Companies may use cookies for this purpose, known as profiling cookies, but these do not include your name, home address, email address, phone number or other data that can identify you in any way.

If you would like more information about this and to find out what options are available to prevent Google Adsense from using such data, please click here.

Deactivating Cookies

Cookies can be deactivated using your browser settings. As mentioned above, deactivating cookies means, for technical reasons, that you will be limited or prevented from accessing the full functionality of the site, or that advertising companies will not be able to show you personalised ads that may be of interest to you.

For example, deactivating session cookies from your browser makes it impossible to log in to the site and enter the private area, and prevents the operation of some applications based entirely on sessions.

Browsers sometimes give you the option of deactivating all cookies except session cookies, but even then you will not be able to use various features of the site, including, for example, the "remember" function that allows you to log in without entering your user name and password each time.

Deactivating cookies also prevents you from being shown any one-time service messages, or from knowing whether you are a new user or a user who has already visited our site.

To find out how to disable cookies from your browser go to this page.

For further information on cookies you can consult the Faq of the Data Protection Authority.